What we think: We've tried a LOT of different types of juggling balls, i'm talking an absolute tone, probably all there are, and when it comes to little hands and new learners we think these are the BEST! Which is why we are sellling them to our students and use them in our classes. Having the greatest tool you can makes a huge difference to your learning and how quickly you can acquire a new skill. I mean throwing a bowling ball around on day one might make learning to juggle pretty hard right? Thats why we advocate Mini Uglies and we know you/your kids are going to love them too.

For large hands get the regular size (comming soon)


Oddballs Description: When Juggle Dream designed the original ugly ball, they put them in the hands of some world class numbers jugglers. Their feedback? They loved them, but is there any chance they could be made smaller? The Baby Ugly is designed for high numbers juggling. The ugly is slightly under-filled to make multiple catches in one hand that much easier. These are light balls so whilst not perfect for beginners, they are ideal for someone using lots of balls and site swaps.

Price is for one ball.

Juggle Dream MINI UGLIES Juggling Ball


Made with a quality faux suede skin crafted in to a 6 panel cuboid design.

Diameter - 50mm