Welcome to Stiklings temporary site! We're a newly registered CIC (social enterprise) based in the United Kingdom. We provide; circus workshops, performances, events, experience days, after-school clubs, accessible equipment, and all-round smiles to those who lack access. 

The dynamic fiddle-stick. AKA the Diddlestick! Its small, safe, lightweight, and durable.


Featuring a carbon-fiber core, precision-cut silicone flowers, and rubber O-rings. Easy to take apart, 100% hand washable, simple re-assembly with affordable replacement parts. 


What's it for? I mean honestly, there are no rules in the world of Diddlesticking! It's great just to hold and play with or you can advance towards some pretty challenging tricks both of which we find very meditative. 


Included with your diddle stick is a link to beginner videos and the knowledge that all profits go to funding our social circus projects.


Personal note; we find Diddlesticks highly addictive and take them with us everywhere!


With PayPal

Learn Diddlesticking tips & tricks!

3D Printed Juggling Boards

Have your own 3D printer and want to print your own? You can download the files for free here! (scaled for 80mm balls)

Alternatively, we can print it and send it to you!

We have different packages on offer; number of lanes, with or without 80mm balls, custom sizes, replacement parts if they get damaged, etc. Please send us an email with your request. 

Want to find out more about Juggling Boards? 

@sticklings on facebook

If you'd like to donate towards our not-for-profit projects, please click here!

C.I.C Number: 13159619

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